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Starting September 1st, 2015, Monday to Saturday starting at 10:00am a new series of radio shows that focus not only on great Italian music but also on Italian culture, language, information, gastronomy and topics that are close to the Ottawa-Gatineu Italian community.

Hosts are Francesco Di Candia, Rita Antonelli, Dr. Luciano Qaqish, Enzo Mirabella, the Team of "Made in Italy" - Luca Giacon - Alessandro Bettero - Cristina Sartori e Simonetta Nardi, Diletta Toneatti, Gino Marrello.

In the evening more Italian music from 7:00pm to 8:00pm and on Saturday "Black & White targato Italia" with Claudio Salvi.

Tune in every day to enjoy the very best Italian radio programs in the Capital Region!

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