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How to Advertise


Radio Reaches Your Customers - Radio reaches consumers all the time and can be heard in different cities, towns, suburbs and rural areas. Radio is consumed at home in the car and at work and can be heard 24 hours per day: radio is part of people's daily life.

RADIO advertising builds brand image at levels close to television, but at half the cost or less.

CHIN RADIO Sponsorship, Promotions And Competitions

Radio advertising gets your message to more customers more often and more immediately than any other medium. But advertising isn't the only way to reach people over the airwaves! Sponsorship and promotional activity can be even more powerful and exciting.

Sponsorship gives you the opportunity to link your company with a feature or show on CHIN RADIO, including:
Traffic and Travel News
The Weather
Time Checks
Local Entertainment
Public Service Announcements
News and Business Reports
Individual Shows
Seasonal Programs

Promotions are a major factor in the success of CHIN RADIO and they can be part of your company's success story too. We organize a wide range of on- and off-air promotions, and are always keen to work with local companies on competitions and events.

On air competitions are a great way to engage the public in your product launches, seasonal sales activities or special offers. They're fun. Listeners love them. And your business gets real exposure. We can even design a competition just for you.

RADIO advertising evokes visual images in the minds of listeners which are directly related to the brand, product or service. Television creative can be transferred to RADIO, evoking the same images at a fraction of the cost of extended television flights.

Low Entry Cost - Relative to TV, radio and press offer a low entry cost and offers even the smallest firm the opportunity to compete head-on with big companies.

Radio Is Personal - Radio talks to your customers personally. You will share the one-on-one relationship and trust between the presenter and the listener and this will make your potential customers more receptive to your message.

Radio Has Personality - Radio advertising mainly uses the spoken word so this means that the tone of the voice or attitude of an advertiser comes across strongly, therefore building a tangible brand personality rather than a shallow brand image.

Radio Is Informative - People listen to radio for news, sports, weather and travel information, Radio is a credible source of information and therefore our listeners are more likely to believe the selling points of your commercials, than any other media.

Time of Day - Not only does radio control a large part of the "media day", it also covers the key times just before people go to work and just before they go shopping and so forth. Radio is seen as a daily medium that is very much in the real world and one that is very much part of a listener's routine.

Intrusiveness - Radio commercials arrive unannounced and listeners are a "captive audience". Research shows that people don't avoid radio commercials in the same way that they avoid TV commercials or simply ignore the newspaper ads. Your time in front of the audience is guaranteed.

Access - radio advertising gives you access to people in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, car, office and more.

Share of Voice - Radio is called a "frequency medium". Repetition builds reputation. In many product fields, radio offers a great opportunity for advertisers to try and dominate the medium and build a brand.

Fast Turnaround - Radio commercials can be written, produced and aired in a few days - even in a few hours.

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