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About CHIN Ottawa

CHIN Radio Ottawa CJLL 97.9FM began its unique multicultural/multilingual style of broadcasting to the Ottawa/Gatineau region in October 2003, and is the very first third language radio service in the nation's capital.

CHIN Ottawa 97.9FM CJLL is committed to serving the greatest number of cultural groups and communities as possible and serves up to 40 distinct cultural communities in over 20 different languages.

CHIN produces and airs more than 160 hours of original programming each week including award-winning news, multicultural programs and a variety of talk shows and public service information programs.  

The music we play is made up of many different genres and styles. Every culture has their own indigenous music, and modern world music often blends these genres with electronic sounds. 

Become acquainted with both modern and traditional styles of our world music on CHIN 97.9FM!

Asian and Middle Eastern Music - The sounds of the East are often completely different than those of the West - often even written in different scales and modes, and with a completely different rhythmical feeling.

Caribbean & Creole Music - Caribbean & Creole music has become some of the most popular music in the world. 

Celtic Music - 'Irish' or 'Scottish' very original sounds.

European Music - Official European Top Singles from different countries. Weekly updated Charts & Ratings etc..

North American Music - yes, we also play the latest music, albums, pop songs from the Canadian and the U.S. music industries. 


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